Bicycle accident on bike lane

One of the greatest concerns of cyclists on the roadway is the possibility of a collision with a vehicle. Cyclists should always wear bright/reflective gear, safety gear including a helmet, travel in designated bike paths or conform with traffic laws in the absence of designated bike paths and travel in groups if possible. However, despite even the most careful cyclist’s actions, cyclists are often struck by automobiles. Here are some steps to take in case you are struck by an automobile: 1) move to a safe location (leave your bicycle where it was on the roadway); 2) get the license plate number of the car involved; 3) call the police; 4) obtain the driver’s insurance information; 5) obtain the driver’s license information and 6) take pictures of the scene (including the damaged bicycle, roadway, injuries, insurance information of the adverse driver, driver’s license of adverse driver, etc…). In the event that you have been involved in a cycling accident do not attempt to discuss your claims with the adverse insurance company, you need and injury lawyer now, please call Marshall Injury Law for a free consultation.
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