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Cycling Accident Attorney Las Vegas & Henderson, NV

One of the greatest concerns of cyclists on the roadway is the possibility of a collision with a vehicle. Cyclists should always wear bright/reflective gear, safety gear including a helmet, travel in designated bike paths or conform with traffic laws in the absence of designated bike paths and travel in groups if possible. However, despite even the most careful cyclist’s actions, cyclists are often struck by automobiles. Bicycle accidents are all too common and unfortunately injuries sustained by the cyclist are usually far worse than the vehicle at fault. In 2018, 857 bicyclists were killed in traffic-related accidents according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). While we often see the campaigns urging us to “Share the Road”, this is not always practiced. We see this type of injury much too often.

Far too many people are injured while on their bikes, but this doesn’t need to be the case. In the event that you have been involved in a cycling accident do not attempt to discuss your claims with the adverse insurance company, you need an injury lawyer immediately. If you’ve suffered from injuries related to a bicycle accident in Las Vegas or Henderson, the attorneys at Marshall Injury Law are here for you and ready to help during your time of need. To discuss a potential case and gather the details, set up a free consultation to meet with our experienced bicycle injury attorneys at (702) 489-5700. We’ll fully access the elements of your accident to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Nevada Bicycle Laws for Motorists

Nevada, like many other states, acknowledges that bicyclists are vulnerable when they are out on the road. Because of this, there are laws put in place to protect such as:

  • Motorists must keep 3 feet between the car and cyclist when on the road
  • Motorists must yield to cyclists at intersections
  • Motorists must not drive or park in bicycle lanes

Bicycle Safety Tips

If you’re a bicyclist on the road, it’s important to protect yourself. Follow these tips below to maximize your safety:

  • ALWAYS wear a helmet no matter the situation- wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of serious brain injury by up to 85% (NHTSA)! This simple step can make a world of difference.
  • Be present and aware of your surroundings at ALL times-don’t look at the ground, keep your head up at all times!
  • Pay attention to vehicles on the road as well as other pedestrians
  • Avoid roads with excessive traffic
  • Ride in designated bike lanes or on sidewalks when possible
  • Ride as far to the right of the road as possible
  • Always ride single file in traffic
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals
  • Use hand signals when turning or stopping abruptly
  • Ride at least three feet away from parked cars
  • Don’t follow cars closely or ride in their blind spots

Night Riding Rules in Nevada

Riding a bike is a great form of exercise. Nevada has some amazing places to adventure and all of these places should be enjoyed. But if you’re riding at night, there are a few rules Nevada has put in place to protect bicyclists. Reflective clothing and accessories can be a huge factor in preventing injury. Bicyclists riding at night must have (NRS 484B.783):

  • A white lamp in the front visible from at least 500 feet away.
  • A red tail reflector visible in a vehicle’s low beams from 300 feet away.
  • Reflective material on the sides of the bike visible in low beams from at least 600 feet away or a lamp visible from both sides from 500 feet away.

Finding a Properly Fitting Helmet

While wearing a helmet is always better than not wearing a helmet, an ill-fitting helmet can only protect you so much. When looking for a helmet take these factors into consideration:

  • The helmet should fit snug against the head and not be able to move—if it wiggles around, use foam pads to better fit the helmet to the head.
  • The helmet should sit low on the forehead-about two fingers-length above the eyebrows
  • The chin strap should fit snug against the chin-you can test this by ensuring the helmet pulls down when you open your mouth!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

The team at Marshall Injury Law is happy to answer any questions you may have.

What should I do if I've been injured in a cycling accident?

If you've been struck by an automobile, it's important to follow these steps right away:

  • Move to a safe location (leave your bicycle where it was on the roadway)
  • Get the license plate number of the car involved
  • Call the police
  • Obtain the driver's insurance information
  • Obtain the driver's license information
  • Take pictures of the scene (including the damaged bicycle, roadway, injuries, insurance information of the adverse driver, driver's license of adverse driver, etc.).
  • Obtain a police report if possible
What are some possible injuries that could result from being involved in a bike crash?

There are multiple types of injuries that could be sustained, but some of them include:

  • Concussions
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head injury
  • Broken bones
  • Neck injury
  • TBI (traumatic brain injury)
  • Back injury
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