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Eric Marshall has been fighting for the rights of injured clients for over a decade in Nevada. Since the beginning he has been dedicated to exclusively representing injured plaintiffs. During his career, Eric has been influential in collecting millions of dollars in recovery for his clients. His ability to speak Portuguese and Spanish allows him to help clients from many nations and

Good representation is more than just good advocating, it’s establishing a relationship of trust with your client. That trust is built upon listening, counseling and communicating. That trust does not, and in fact cannot come automatically, it is earned. It is the goal of Marshall Injury Law to earn our client’s trust on every case so that we can become their “family attorney”.

Come and find out why “a good settlement is no accident” today.


Attorney Eric Marshall has really helped me in a tough situation, and change the direction of my life. Who says there are no good people in the world anymore, because that person is telling a lie.
Honest attorney. Family man. Very intelligent. Can articulate his position eloquently and with confidence. He will remain our family’s attorney.
I can say without reservation Eric is one of the most ethical and definitely the nicest plaintiff’s attorney I know!

Marshall Law will fight for you!

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Injury Law Time Limit

In personal injury suits, the plaintiff has a limited time to bring the suit against the defendant. This amount of time is referred to as the statute of limitations. This period generally begins at the time the plaintiff is either injured or discovers the injury. Each statute of limitations varies according to the type of injury incurred. People need to move fast as some statutes of limitations are limited to one year.

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