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Personal Injury & Accident Attorney Serving Henderson and Las Vegas

At Marshall Injury Law in Henderson and Las Vegas, we believe good representation starts with establishing a relationship of trust with you, the client. That trust is built upon listening, counseling and communicating. Our goal is to earn your trust and then fight for you to receive the best possible settlement. Contact us today and find out why “A Good Settlement Is No Accident”.

Personal injury cases can be complex, emotionally draining, and time-consuming. A personal injury attorney who knows the law and has experience in these types of cases can help you a lot. And if you’re still suffering from the personal injury you sustained during your accident it may also be physically impossible for you to effectively manage the process.

Using a reputable personal injury law firm can boost your chances of getting compensated. In addition, a good personal injury lawyer is likely to negotiate a better settlement offer on your behalf than you’re able to negotiate on your own.

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Injured in an Accident?

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  • At Marshall Injury Law, our injury lawyers provide the most aggressive legal representation for clients who have been hurt in accidents caused by the negligence of others. Innocent people in Henderson and Las Vegas are injured every day in accidents due to other people's carelessness and negligent acts. In many of these cases, victims of these accidents experience tremendous pain and suffering, incur thousands of dollars in medical expenses, lose income because they are unable to work, and maybe deal with significant damage to their property. Personal injury victims may even be looking at a lifetime of missed opportunity and permanent disability. Fortunately for these victims, Nevada law allows them to recover compensation for these and other losses.

    While no amount of money can change what happened, it can undoubtedly help victims manage the financial costs associated with an accidental injury and help them feel that those responsible for their injuries have been held accountable for their actions.

  • Personal Injury Attorney - Erik Marshall - Las Vegas Eric Marshall, Esq., is aggressively dedicated to protecting the rights of people who have been hurt by the negligence of others. With over 15 years of personal injury litigation experience, he knows how to get insurance companies to pay up. In addition, if we cannot reach a fair settlement offer in a particular case, we will not hesitate to take a case to trial to make sure our clients can recover from their losses. We are a boutique law firm whose mission is to ensure that injured victims and families receive the maximum financial compensation they are entitled to and make sure the party responsible is held accountable for their misconduct or negligence.

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  • What is My Case Worth?

    Our expert team of personal injury lawyers and paralegals in Henderson and Las Vegas go through every aspect of your specific case in detail to assess the validity.

    Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas - Eric Marshall of Marshall Injury Law

    Critical factors can include:

    • The type and severity of injury and the extent of treatment needed
    • The degree of responsibility of each party involved
    • The potential economic loss the victim faces, which may depend on work history, salary history and their ability to return to work
    • Possible future medical care requirements

    Additionally, evidence of preexisting medical conditions could affect the value of the case, as well as the amount of available insurance.

  • Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas - Eric Marshall

Most Frequently Asked Questions

The team at Marshall Injury Law is happy to answer any questions you may have.

What does "Full Coverage" really mean?

I find the vast majority of my clients do not have a full understanding of what Full Coverage" means. Many assume that "full" means "all" available coverages. It typically does not. "Full Coverage" has become a term of art and most often simply means that you have the minimum automobile coverage mandated by your State (i.e. you are "fully" covered to legally drive within your State). In Nevada, you are required to carry $25,000.00 per person and $50,000.00 per incident to drive on Nevada roads. This is often referred to a "Liability Only" (where your insurance will cover damages to the other vehicle but not your own). In actuality "Full Coverage" includes medical payment coverage, underinsured motorist coverage and uninsured motorist coverage (you can also add small upgrades to your policy as available by your insurance company). If you have questions about how to better protect you and your loved ones with true "Full Coverage", contact me for a free consultation.

What are the benefits of hiring a lawyer after an accident?

Simply put, you don't know what you don't know. In the hours and days following an accident there is a great deal of information to process: who do I call? Do I need the police? How do I get my car fixed? Who is going to pay for my car? How do I get them to pay for my car? How do I get a rental? Am I injured? Should I see a doctor? Who will pay for the doctor? What if I miss work? What happens to my insurance? Should I use my insurance? Insurance companies have trained professionals, experts, doctors and lawyers standing at their side the moment you call following an accident. You need to have someone on your side that is protecting your interests, answering your questions, taking the weight off your shoulders and helping you get back onto the road to recovery. That is our promise to you as our client at Marshall Injury Law.

Do I have to have a police officer come to the scene of an accident?

Nevada law requires those involved in an automobile accident to notify the police if it involves injury or death. Good practice is to always call the police and have them investigate the accident. They are trained to investigate accidents and you will receive a report containing all the necessary information pertaining to the accident. In the event the parties agree to "exchange information", make sure you get a copy of the adverse driver's license, insurance card (verify that is not expired), registration and a picture of the license plate of the other vehicle. This would remain true for each vehicle and driver that was involved in the accident. It is also good to take pictures of the location of the vehicles following the accident, while still at the scene, if it is safe to do so. This will provide the best documentation of the scene immediately following an accident. We at Marshall Injury Law are on standby when you need us the most. Call us and we can help.

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